About Emergency Cafe

Emergency Cafe LLC. established in 2005 is a full-service certified small business 100% women owned emergency preparedness company that specializes in customized emergency preparedness consultations, trainings and supplies. Along with the emergency management team, we customize an entire emergency preparedness program allowing you and your employees or family the confidence they need to be prepared in any emergency situation. Our trainings include Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Plans, CPR, First Aid including Stop the Bleed, Active Shooter, Evacuation Plans. Additionally, we provide a complete line of emergency kits and supplies and Replenishing Program. 

Why work with Emergency Cafe?

Dedicated to impeccable customer service, working with our knowledgeable staff guarantees that your company and the private sector, including individuals and families, will be prepared for any disaster. Our staff will create a program that is unique to your specific needs. We offer competitive pricing, volume discounts, and customized kits to ensure that you are prepared.


About The Owner

Emergency Preparedness Expert Cari Butler has over 15 years of emergency preparedness experience. She is a native Californian whose interest in Emergency Preparedness began when her daughter started school and was required to have a personal emergency kit. That raised the question: “Why shouldn’t everyone have an emergency kit?” Her concern led her to thoroughly research the subject and then create her own business, and is the only Angeleno to offer these emergency preparedness consultations and services.

Cari provides personalized consultation services for families and businesses, as well as offers customized emergency preparedness kits. “It is ultimately our own responsibility to be prepared. No one is going to do it for us. It is such an overwhelming process for some and they don’t know where to start, so they don’t”, explains Cari Butler, emergency preparedness expert, mom and owner of Emergency Café, a one stop web site that carries all the items you need in the event of an earthquake or emergency situation!

“We all have such busy lives,” says Cari, a native Californian. “It is hard to find the time to go out and buy everything that we need for an emergency kit. I started this company to help all of us that have it on our ‘To Do List,’ but just don’t have the time to actually do it!” 

The truth is we can’t predict, but we can PREPARE!

Cari’s mission is to get everyone prepared and has been on that mission since 2005. She has been a guest speaker at several conferences and schools. She was asked to participate in the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference in San Francisco. Her client list is a virtual who’s who in Hollywood including heads of studios, actors, directors and producers.

Cari's website has been awarded Best Safety Site by Nickelodeon Parent Choice Awards! She is also a contributing writer and blogger and has been featured on several TV shows and has done numerous radio spots. 

Contact Cari at 310.613.6206.